Thursday 11 August 2017


Darwin is in a prime position to lead the rest of Australia in smart technology access and encourage innovative entrepreneurs to be creators of digital solutions.

Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim says if she is re-elected on 26 August she will work hard to grow technology solutions at a local government level, increase awareness about smart solutions and help develop a city which has a leading tech edge over interstate rivals.

“Council is already on track to delivering smart LED lighting in the city and our suburbs. This tech can provide increased safety and is capable to provide free WiFi points, movement detectors and an increased CCTV presence where needed.

Council, as a result of engagement with both the Federal Government and local IT companies, has also created a General Manager City Futures position to enhance our work in the digital space.

I’d like to build further on our work in this area and I’m keen to see the development of a city wide environment to encourage the digital industry to develop and create technological solutions in our northern city.

Part of future cities strategy should be to implement public charge points for hybrid and electric cars. This mode of transport is already on our roads and it’s important to plan for an increased uptake of this economical option.”

Ms Fong Lim said increasing free public WiFi accessibility across Darwin is a key priority as well as opening discussions with the community and the Telcos for better mobile phone coverage in the suburbs.

“Many residents have raised with me the frustration they have with ‘soft’ mobile coverage and while there are as many concerned about the possibility of mobile phone towers in their street, there is no reason why we can’t try to work together to come up with an acceptable, smart solution to this issue,” she said.

“I’m keen to find a practical solution.”



Wednesday 10 August 2017


Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim says it’s time to slow down.

Ms Fong Lim is proposing an increased focus on speeding in the suburbs.

She says if she is re-elected on 26 August she will propose a community consultation process and detailed study on the issue to identify speeding hot spots in Darwin and act on them.

“While speeding is primarily a police issue, I have heard from many residents across Darwin that speeding vehicles continue to disrupt our suburbs and pose a real danger to residents,” Ms Fong Lim said.

“This is an issue I have been working on which needs a greater focus and I would drive a push to roll out of further speed mitigation measures where evidence shows they are needed.

“No one should be afraid to cross a suburban street or reverse their car out of their driveway nor should they be woken to the sound of hoons speeding past their home.”

Ms Fong Lim said she’d be keen to work with police on this issue.

“I’m talking about practical moves which will benefit our entire community,” she said.

“Speeding in the suburbs is dangerous and I’d make it a priority to address.”

“Please, slow down in our suburbs.”


Wednesday 3 August 2017


Darwin Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim has pledged to actively pursue a policy of good dog ownership if she is re-elected on 26 August.

“We need practical and positive actions to encourage good dog ownership. I know there are many, many good, responsible dog owners in our community and I applaud the commitment of those dog lovers,” Ms Fong Lim said.

“Council is already reviewing our strategy plan, but there is more to be done.

The Council’s Dog and Cat Management Strategy public consultation draft identified barking/nuisance complaints jumped by 17 percent in 2016 from 2015 figures and there were 216 dog attacks reported in 2016.

Some pet parents need a little bit more encouragement and help so I plan to work towards implementing free responsible dog ownership and basic puppy training classes with every new registration to encourage and support good pet parenting.

Most dog owners tell me it’s not the animal which needs training, it’s more the pet parents who need to know the way to handle their beloved fur kids.

And registering your dog or cat is also a sensible move, especially if they go missing.”

Ms Fong Lim said for problem dogs, she’d like to work towards using smart technology to assist in gathering evidence of the issue.  For example, barking dogs could be monitored with noise detectors.

She is also keen to implement regular ranger dog patrols for identified problem areas.

“Our four-legged friends deserve as much opportunity as us to live happily and in harmony in our community and that includes safety from those problem dogs which may be roaming the streets. With pet parent education being a priority, I hope that it will lead to better trained dogs”


Friday 28 July 2017


Rumours on the issue of candidates making preference deals are flying thick and fast.

With a current field of 10 candidates for the position of Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim says “Contrary to the rumour mill I have not made any preference deals. Nor will I be.

Let’s not play politics. The role of Lord Mayor involves both civic and corporate roles.

When it comes to making a decision on voting the citizens of Darwin will decide who they want as their civic leader. And they are smart enough to make up their own minds on who they want to preference.”

Ms Fong Lim is taking a practical and positive approach to this election confirming that she will not be playing politics by directing voters how to number their ballot papers.

“I am not a politician. I have never been a member of a political party,” she said.

“Politics has no place on Council.

I will ask for the number 1 spot, and remind voters of the need to number all boxes as per electoral requirements for a valid vote.

There will be no directing preferences on my How to Vote cards. Everyone should make their own decisions.”



Tuesday 11 July 2017


When Channel 8 turned into Channel 9, it was seen as a positive move for Darwin. The announcement that the station is cutting down on local news media staff sends a clear message that Darwin is not considered important.

Katrina Fong Lim, Lord Mayor of Darwin says, “We are Australia’s Northern Capital City. Our cosmopolitan community deserves better.

I am outraged that Channel 9 executives from southern cities think it’s okay to cut Darwin out of the main loop. This is not a positive move. We are being taken backward rather than forward.

This is wrong on so very many levels.”


Thursday 1 June 2017


Katrina Fong Lim has officially launched her re-election campaign.

A strong and passionate advocate for the city of her birth, Katrina Fong Lim has fulfilled her election promise of being a full-time Lord Mayor.

“I want to continue to work hard for the city and for the community and would be extremely honoured if I was given the opportunity to do so again,” Ms Fong Lim said.

“I believe in Darwin and the wonderful blend of people who make up our community. ”

Ms Fong Lim said she would offer Darwin a practical, positive and independent Lord Mayor.

“Regardless of my personal opinion, I have always represented Council decisions with a clear understanding of the issues and maintained a practical approach towards challenges,” she said.

“From my time as Lord Mayor I’ve learnt so many things, I’ve learnt that it is really truly a full-time job, it’s a big job, and requires a lot of commitment to the city. It also means you can’t please everybody. But during the period of time that I’ve been Lord Mayor we’ve delivered some fantastic projects and it’s been a privilege to serve.”

Highlights achieved during her current term include:

  • City Centre Masterplan
  • Duplication of Lee Point Rd
  • Jingili Skate Park Redevelopment
  • Refurbishment of playgrounds
  • Malak Oval Training Lights
  • Solar Panel systems for Nightcliff & Casuarina Pools
  • The Foreshore Café at Nightcliff
  • Shade installations for 30+ playgrounds
  • Coastal Erosion program for Nightcliff Foreshore & East Point
  • Road safety improvements on Rapid Creek Ryland Road, Lee Point Road/Jabiru Street Wulagi
  • Nakara Shopping area Landscape and path upgrades
  • Bradshaw Terrace median improvements

“We’ve done a lot, but there is still more to be done. I’d be honoured to be re-elected and continue to work for Darwin,” she said. “I know that I bring to this job a high-level of experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm for our city.”