Why The UN?

Last night I volunteered and was elected to be the President of the UNAA NT Division.  What is that and Why would you? The United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) is an organisation dedicated to promoting the work of the UN. To create a safer, fairer and more sustainable world. Something I think is valuable … Continue reading Why The UN?


So Long, Farewell and Thanks for All the Fish (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

Well, the electorate has spoken and the City of Darwin has a new Lord Mayor. I was elected in 2012 to be this wonderful City’s 9th Lord Mayor, to lead its 21st Council.  I followed in my late father, Alec Fong Lim’s footsteps into public life and civic leadership.  I believe I have done a … Continue reading So Long, Farewell and Thanks for All the Fish (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

She Was Only 16…

Actually I was about to turn 16 when I flew out of Darwin on a great big adventure. I had been accepted as an AFS (American Field Service) Scholarship Exchange Student. If the truth be known, I had not really wanted to go, but had applied for the scholarship because my beloved older sister (by … Continue reading She Was Only 16…


Rebecca Belt is a journalist and publicist who runs The Country Journo – - and she's my guest poster this week with her perspective on Darwin. As a visitor to Darwin, the biggest highlight of the city for me was its people. A city or town is nothing without people who are passionate about … Continue reading GUEST BLOG: – A VISITOR TO DARWIN

Do you know where to vote this Saturday?

This Saturday, 26th August , voting is compulsory for Local Government Elections. Everyone enrolled to vote must do so. Check your enrolment details here. This Saturday you must vote at the voting locations allocated to your ward. Polling booths are open from 8am to 6pm. They are located as follows : Lyons Ward Fannie Bay, … Continue reading Do you know where to vote this Saturday?

The Politics of It All

Darwin is a diverse community, culturally and politically. With this year’s council election ballot containing more candidates than normal everyone is talking about the politics of it all. So let’s discuss. I’m running as an independent, self-funding my campaign and I’m not making any preference deals; you should vote how you want. The fact that … Continue reading The Politics of It All

Connecting with the Community and the Fine Art of the #selfie


I admit it, I love taking selfies. As a word “selfie” has a very interesting and short history.  Check out Dr Karl’s version. Why Selfie? I started taking selfies because I wanted to capture the moment with the people I was with.  Unfortunately, I am often by myself when that moment arises and so I … Continue reading Connecting with the Community and the Fine Art of the #selfie

A Bright Future

It’s time to talk about our future. As you know, Darwin is Australia’s northern most Capital City. We sit on the edge of Asia and have a long history of successful engagement with our northern neighbours. With the rise of the Asian Middle Class we are ideally suited to capitalising on the opportunities this offers. … Continue reading A Bright Future