The Politics of It All

Darwin is a diverse community, culturally and politically. With this year’s council election ballot containing more candidates than normal everyone is talking about the politics of it all. So let’s discuss. I’m running as an independent, self-funding my campaign and I’m not making any preference deals; you should vote how you want. The fact that … Continue reading The Politics of It All

Connecting with the Community and the Fine Art of the #selfie


I admit it, I love taking selfies. As a word “selfie” has a very interesting and short history.  Check out Dr Karl’s version. Why Selfie? I started taking selfies because I wanted to capture the moment with the people I was with.  Unfortunately, I am often by myself when that moment arises and so I … Continue reading Connecting with the Community and the Fine Art of the #selfie

A Bright Future

It’s time to talk about our future. As you know, Darwin is Australia’s northern most Capital City. We sit on the edge of Asia and have a long history of successful engagement with our northern neighbours. With the rise of the Asian Middle Class we are ideally suited to capitalising on the opportunities this offers. … Continue reading A Bright Future

Cultural Centres that Work

Anchorage _Cultural_Centres_that_work

Reading Larrakia Development CEO Nigel Browne’s blog on the proposed Larrakia Community and Cultural Centre, took me back to a place I visited in Anchorage, Alaska. The Alaskan Native Heritage Centre is an amazing institution in our sister city. It is a mix of cultural centre, education institution, heritage preservation and importantly “promotes self-esteem and … Continue reading Cultural Centres that Work

Alcohol abuse – a major issue for our community

During campaigning in 2012 I said we should not have to suffer humbugging in our parks.  At the time I was channelling the community frustration I was hearing. One of the most enduring and frustrating issues I have faced in my term as Lord Mayor is antisocial behaviour.  And that frustration continues. It is well … Continue reading Alcohol abuse – a major issue for our community

GUEST BLOG: Darwin – My Home by Maisie Austin OAM


Maisie Austin OAM has been awarded The Order of Australia Medal, the Australian Sports Medal and inducted into the Northern Territory Sports Hall of Fame. I am honoured she has agreed to be my guest posters this week and shares her memories of Darwin and the uniqueness of what makes this place she calls home … Continue reading GUEST BLOG: Darwin – My Home by Maisie Austin OAM

Let’s Talk Local Government

Local Government is the level of Government that people are most familiar with. Why? Because we deliver services that directly come past your door, including: Being responsible for your footpaths, local roads and rubbish removal. Maintaining the parks, ovals and pools. Delivering programs such as the libraries, fun bus and animal management. Local Government was … Continue reading Let’s Talk Local Government

Junkets or Job?

There is a lot of cynicism about the Sister Cities program. Is the Sister City program of value to the City of Darwin and the community we serve? Are delegations to the Sister Cities a junket or part of the job? A recent review of the Sister City program indicated that, yes, there is value … Continue reading Junkets or Job?