I am deeply honoured that you, the citizens of Darwin, elected me the Lord Mayor of this amazing city in April 2012.

As a born and bred Darwinite, I am proud to confirm that I shall once again be running in the 2017 election for the position of Lord Mayor of the City of Darwin.

When you elected me, I pledged to be a full time Lord Mayor. I kept my promise and have worked hard in my first term to make it a better place for all Territorians, but there is still work to be done.  I hope you will once again honour with your vote to allow me to continue to work for our community.

I pledge to continue to be a practical and progressive leader, a positive and engaged member of the community and an independent and passionate voice for Darwin.

You are welcome to contact me at anytime to discuss your concerns and dreams for the Darwin community.

My Background

My primary and secondary education was completed right here in Darwin. I also had the opportunity of being an AFS Exchange Student to the USA for the 1978-79 school year. I hold a  Bachelor of Business with a double major plus a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Southern Queensland.

On a personal level, I’m the fourth daughter (there are 6 of us) of  Alec and Norma Fong Lim. My father was a businessman who eventually became a very popular Lord Mayor of Darwin in the 1980s. I live with my husband, Tony Waite, in Nightcliff.

My mother and 4 of my 5 sisters live very close by so I have strong family support. Although my sister Michele lives in the USA, she visits us often. I share a strong bond with my 5 sisters who are my staunchest supporters and we all live by the values and ethics instilled by our late father Alec Fong Lim that still guides us today.