So Long, Farewell and Thanks for All the Fish (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

Well, the electorate has spoken and the City of Darwin has a new Lord Mayor.

I was elected in 2012 to be this wonderful City’s 9th Lord Mayor, to lead its 21st Council.  I followed in my late father, Alec Fong Lim’s footsteps into public life and civic leadership.  I believe I have done a good job and made my family proud and really, that is all that someone can wish for.

My record of achievements in this role will stand the test of time from the establishment of the City Centre Masterplan to the duplication of Lee Point Rd, Lighting Malak Oval, the Nightcliff Foreshore Café, Bicentennial Park Playspace, LAUNCH Youth Events, reconstruction of Jingili Skatepark, Safer, Vibrant Darwin Plan and many more.  As Chairman of the Capital City Lord Mayors in 2016 I extracted a commitment from the Prime Minister that every Capital City that wanted one, would be offered a City Deal.  This is still to come to fruition.  I am also looking forward to the opening of the newly redeveloped Parap Pool, a $15 million investment into the community.

I worked full time, averaging around 70 hours per week, up to 21 community events per month, and chaired over 100 Council meetings.  I also presided over around 60 Citizenship Ceremonies welcoming around 2,000 new citizens. I have never tried to count up how many selfies I have taken, but I certainly have had fun taking them.

Where to now for KFL?

Well, I’m going to have a little rest, clean up my study that has not had any attention for many weeks.  If you follow me on facebook you would have seen that I’ve been enjoying showing my American host mother the sights.

I am open to opportunities that may come my way.

Eventually I cancomplete an update in my adult training qualifications and then capitalise on both my financial management and governance skills to offer niche training in those areas.  By January 2018 Katrina Fong Lim & Associates will be back in business.

Live Long and Prosper,



2 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell and Thanks for All the Fish (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

  1. Hi Katrina,
    What a bloody impressive list of achievements.
    I thank you for the love and passion you have for our wonderfully diverse city and most of all the enormous commitment you have given over the past 5 years.
    I am and always will be an absolute fan of yours particularly your endless appearances at what seemed like every community event known to man. A sure feat to follow.
    I look forward to learning of your many successes in 2018 but for now please enjoy a very well deserved relaxed and stress free break. Congratulations.
    Best wishes
    Erica Mccallum


  2. Dear Katrina

    Congratulations on your record as Darwin City’s 9th Lord Mayor. Your passion, pride, dignity, commitment and love for Darwin will be recognised and acknowledged in the City’s history. As one of my old mates Peter Grigg commented on my Facebook post on 1 September, hold your head up high, take a deep breath and smell the success of your achievements.

    I was an elected Lyons Ward Alderman on the 21st Council with you as Lord Mayor – and what a privilege it was to serve with you ( and your beloved father Alec from 1988 to 1990).

    I sincerely hope that you have taken some “me time” out and now feeling relaxed and rested. I have a feeling there is an exciting new adventure just around the corner for you.

    I may be in a Darwin in November and look forward to catching up with you. If you and Tony are ever down Tathra way make sure you contact me – there is a bed for you both and one of the best places on earth to discover!

    Lots of love and best wishes to you and your beautiful family.


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