Rebecca Belt is a journalist and publicist who runs The Country Journo – – and she’s my guest poster this week with her perspective on Darwin.

As a visitor to Darwin, the biggest highlight of the city for me was its people. A city or town is nothing without people who are passionate about where they live and Darwin has them in bucketloads. As a proud Tamworth (the Country Music Capital of Australia in North West NSW) resident, I was also taken by having a second summer – in winter.

While my friends and family were shivering in below zero temperatures in the mornings, I was enjoying a cup of tea on the balcony of my friend’s home in Stuart Park in about 20 degrees. I am wearing two layers while writing this as I think of you all enjoying 32 degree days. It was the combination of friendly, laidback residents and beautiful dry season weather that had me feeling like I was in a little piece of Vanuatu in Australia.

It was not my first visit to your beautiful city, but I was five years old last time and plenty has changed in 32 years. Rather than being the child, this time my husband and I brought our children to experience more than they could in any classroom. We explored national parks, got up close and personal with crocodiles, and haven’t stopped hearing about Brutus since, learned about Australia’s military history in the city affected by the bombings, and witnessed Indigenous culture celebrated like nowhere else I’ve been in the country.

On the topic of cultures, we also loved that there were so many cultures making up the fabric of Darwin and adding to its appeal as a beautiful place to visit and where you aren’t left wondering why people make it their home.

For such a cosmopolitan city, Darwin has a strong community feel where people who hold the highest office in the state sit down and enjoy a meal with other residents like the Chief Minister did at the Italian Festival and visitors to the city join the Lord Mayor for lunch, as we got to. There are also the amazing views from just about anywhere and I will never tire of seeing the sun set from Mindil Beach.

Not a day has passed since our visit in May that I haven’t thought about Darwin with affection and we know it’s only a matter of time before we add to those memories.

There is one thing that’s certain, Darwin, we will be back.



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