The Politics of It All

Darwin is a diverse community, culturally and politically. With this year’s council election ballot containing more candidates than normal everyone is talking about the politics of it all. So let’s discuss.

I’m running as an independent, self-funding my campaign and I’m not making any preference deals; you should vote how you want.

The fact that there are 15 candidates running for Lord Mayor is a clear indication of our democratic process at work.

I love Darwin. It’s my home, the place I was born and where I went to school.

Naturally, it follows that I know lots of people. Having spent 20 years in the community services sector – 2 years at the YWCA, 2 years at the Craft Council and 16 years at the Australia Day Council means my supporters come from diverse backgrounds.

Team Katrina 2017 is a mixed bag of different political persuasions. Everyone has their own unique political views, and that’s something I accept.

Our commonality is that every member believes that politics do not belong in local government.

Council is a group which functions on majority decisions. Unfortunately, not every member of Council is going to agree and we each just have one vote. In the event of a tie, the Lord Mayor has a casting vote and that’s why an independent Lord Mayor is so vital.

It has been an honour to be your full time Lord Mayor for the last 5 years.

If you’d like to see me as your Lord Mayor again, VOTE 1 Katrina Fong Lim at the ballot box. To make your vote valid remember to number every box 1 to 15.

Whatever the outcome, I remain committed to the city of my birth.

Love you Darwin.


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