Connecting with the Community and the Fine Art of the #selfie


I admit it, I love taking selfies.

As a word “selfie” has a very interesting and short history.  Check out Dr Karl’s version.

Why Selfie?

I started taking selfies because I wanted to capture the moment with the people I was with.  Unfortunately, I am often by myself when that moment arises and so I take a selfie.

Although technically, I guess, it isn’t a selfie, more a “wefie” as my mate and fellow selfie taker, Andre Sirigar would say.

Why a wefie?

Well, because in fact, I’m usually capturing an image of myself and other people.

A selfie taker could be mistaken for being egotistical and that could be the case in other instances but given that selfies are not the most flattering, believe me, it is not about ego.

Taking selfies with people is a way of connecting with them. As I took more and more, people tended to expect me to take them.  They are also a way of connecting with a certain demographic and breaking the ice by being a conversation starter.

I don’t take fantastic selfies, I just do the best I can and I continue to learn from mainly the young ones I’m engaging with.

Who knew that you can get the iPhone to flash facing you?

Selfies get people involved. It is also fun!

So I’m pro selfie, but what about you? I’d love to hear your opinions, if you are pro selfie or not.



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