Cultural Centres that Work

Anchorage _Cultural_Centres_that_work

Reading Larrakia Development CEO Nigel Browne’s blog on the proposed Larrakia Community and Cultural Centre, took me back to a place I visited in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Alaskan Native Heritage Centre is an amazing institution in our sister city. It is a mix of cultural centre, education institution, heritage preservation and importantly “promotes self-esteem and pride among Alaskan Natives”. They do this through a mix of demonstration and education.

Anchorage, like Darwin has a tourist season and a down season. During the winter months Alaskan Native young people receive training in their culture and pre-college courses. During the summer months they serve as guides and demonstrate various cultural activities.

While there are some static displays, the CEO of this centre is very clear, it is not a museum, it is an Educational and Cultural Institution.

During my short visit, I was very impressed with their passion to celebrate their cultures and to help visitors appreciate it.

It has been obvious to me that one of the things that is missing in what we offer visitors to our fair city is a positive cultural experience.

We are living and working with people from the World’s Oldest Living Culture. We should celebrate and capitalise on it.


PS – My trip to Anchorage was self funded


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