Let’s Talk Local Government

Local Government is the level of Government that people are most familiar with.

Why? Because we deliver services that directly come past your door, including:

  • Being responsible for your footpaths, local roads and rubbish removal.
  • Maintaining the parks, ovals and pools.
  • Delivering programs such as the libraries, fun bus and animal management.

Local Government was formed long before the NT Government.

This year we are celebrating our Jubilee, 60 years as a Council.

A Council that oversaw the rebuilding of the City after Cyclone Tracy.  A Council that built the first Parap Pool and will complete the redevelopment to a FINA compliant pool later this year. A Council that has approximately 65,000 trees in its urban forest and 45,000 trees in its street scape.


Local Government cannot bring in a deficit budget.

This means that we are forced to be financially sustainable.  We have to ensure that our income covers our cost.  City of Darwin also seeks to ensure that there are no rate shocks by establishing a long term financial plan.

As Lord Mayor of our beautiful city, I am proud to say that for the last 5 years we have run a tight ship.

Local Government needs to be a productive, efficient business.

The City of Darwin has $1.2 billion assets in our care; our operational budget is about $100 million and we have 349 staff establishment. For the 3 years, starting 2013/2014 Council staff have delivered $500,000 worth of efficiencies every year.

We provide jobs and investment into our community providing community enhancements for our present and future generations of Territorians.

Each Council reflects their community.

Elected Members live and work in the community. We are shopping at the same shopping centre, using the same bike paths and borrowing the same books as you.

I love being at the first level of government and coming into contact with the community on a daily basis.




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