Just Playing Around

Last week I got to open the awesome Bicentennial Park Play Space.

A cutting edge play area for all ages and abilities. This was a City Centre Masterplan project. It is a destination play space that encourages families to come to the city and hopefully to stay for a while.

It also activates the space with positive activity. The fact that we included adult exercise equipment means that it is not just for kids. It’s a whole of community space.

The role of playgrounds

Playgrounds are an important part of public amenity, and something that most of us value.

A playground helps with:

• Ensuring that our community is connected
• Allowing children to learn through play
• Connecting both children and adults to their neighbourhood
• Encouraging healthy living; and
• Promoting fun and fitness for the entire community

Did you know that our city has 121 playgrounds?

This includes Regional Playgrounds (bigger ones) at East Point, Anula, Jingili Water Gardens and now the City with the new Play Space.

In 2015/16 we commenced a playground shading and upgrade program that will see us spend just under $3million providing shade to all playgrounds. We are halfway through this program and you will see the results of this work throughout the city.


P.S I can recommend the flying fox at the new Bicentennial Park Play space whenever you just want to play around.


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