City Deal a Continuation of the City Centre Master Plan

The signing of a MOU between the Commonwealth and NT Governments is good news for Darwinians, and a solid step towards a City Deal.

It is no coincidence that some of the major components of the city deal are actually projects suggested in the City Centre Master Plan which was adopted by the City of Darwin in May 2015.

As the Chairman of the Council for Capital City Lord Mayors in 2016, it was my role to represent the view that each Capital City should be offered a deal to the Prime Minister.

In November 2016, the Prime Minister gave an undertaking to myself and the other Lord Mayors that any Capital City that was willing to work in the framework would be offered a deal.

The Chief Minister embraced this news and we immediately began working on a plan to secure a deal to ensure Darwin was placed firmly on the map. Getting the Prime Minister to sign an MOU is the first step. Now we need to flesh out the details.

It is all about unlocking the city’s potential. It’s about improvements that will increasingly benefit residents, businesses and attract additional visitors into our city as well as providing great spaces for each of us that call Darwin home.

The undergrounding of the carpark at State Square (Project 56), the moving of the City Bus Interchange (Project 41), Cooling the City (Projects 44 -46) are all projects within the Master Plan. Another Master Plan Project that will be delivered as a result of funding from all 3 levels of Government is Barneson Boulevard (Project 14).

On behalf of each of you that calls Darwin home, I will continue to work with all stakeholders to deliver the vision for the city. I applaud the Chief Minister and Prime Minister for sharing this goal.



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