GUEST BLOG: Being in Darwin – David (Daisy) Taylor

David Taylor is an amazing man with a great community spirit. So much so that he was named the NT winner of the 2016 Australia’s Local Hero Award. I am delighted that he has agreed to be a guest on my blog and share his experiences on being in Darwin.


My story is quite simple, but complex as well. A simple holiday from Perth in the early 90’s turned into a life changing, emancipating journey of self-discovery and fulfilment.

Darwin opened its doors and heart to me, and I have never felt as included and nurtured. Ever.

I witnessed a unique brand of acceptance in this town. It comes from being accepted for who you are now. Right here. Right now. No frills, no pretence. No one cares if you were the CEO of this or the King and Queen of that. You are judged on the actions and deeds you do in the community. No one seems to bother about who you used to be, how much you have or what you may have done elsewhere.

Serendipity placed me in a group of beautiful and fun men. All named David, so it came to pass that we all got re-badged. I hold the nick name of “Daisy” with pride. Minky, Davey Bee, Diamond Dave and Chinny were the other the fun time guys.

I learned that an open display of affection did not determine orientation or sexual intent, just mutual regard and care. In the first few years I met and became close to many. Meeting more soul mates here in that brief time than ever before.

“Darwin” simply stole my heart. Getting involved with Tracks Dance gave me a clear picture of where I fit into this community and my work with the AIDS Council reminded me that every day is precious and not to be taken for granted.

Darwin allowed me to be myself and to live an open and honest life with my chosen partner. Yes, there are some that shun me, provoke me and even bully me because they feel uncomfortable or are simply intolerant, but I am overwhelmed by the love and compassion of others in this town.

Diversity is our strength in this community. We come from all over, but a third of the Territory is made up of long term residents who have been here for tens of thousands of years. Indigenous Territorians are the backbone of this place. The rest of us are merely visitors by comparison. Us visitors are best served to learn some manners and treat our host with the dignity and respect they deserve. We cannot expect them to walk in our shoes without first trying to grasp a basic understanding of their culture.

The Warlpiri people have an expression, “Nurr Kulu” which means the sense of belonging. It is that sense that holds me to this place. Be kind to this place and it will return it tenfold.

Lucky us who can enjoy the fantastic lifestyle and beauty that Darwin offers. We have the best of all worlds in a neat, pretty package. Art, Culture, Food, Entertainment, Sport and Recreation allows us all to enjoy, grow and prosper. Lucky me for being allowed to belong.

David (Daisy) Taylor


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