A Productive Bustling City Centre – A personal perspective

Cities were created by people. To live in, to transact commerce, to communicate and to socialise. Darwin is no different.

To achieve the vision of a productive, bustling city centre we need to continue to think big, but not lose the essence of what makes Darwin unique.

Achieving the Vision

The vision of the City Centre Masterplan, of a walkable, sustainable CBD remains a focal point for me.

We do need to:

  • Establish art trails, heritage trails, eating trails, a visitor experience that is specifically Darwin
  • Cool the city and that means ramping up our tree planting to create shady walking routes
  • Establish tropical design guidelines that will inform the development of the city

Historically, the Government is one of the main employers in the CBD. With the development of alternative office spaces outside the city, we have seen a slow disbursement of workers. I am encouraged that the current NT Government has indicated that they will be stopping this practice.

Embracing Technology

We also need to embrace the opportunities that technologies offer and create a smart city.

We are the only Capital City that is fully connected to the NBN through fibre to the house. We currently offer free wifi throughout the Mall, Civic, Tamarind and Raintree Parks, more is possible.

Smart lighting to brighten and refresh the night time city experience is to be trialled soon in Civic Park and then hopefully rolled out across the CBD.

The Art of Conversation

With the digital age we are losing the art of conversation, of talking with each other.

We need to create places and spaces that people want to visit, to linger in, to trade in and to converse. The city centre can provide the opportunities, the conversation corners that allow this socialisation to take place.

These are the positive projects that the Council could deliver to contribute to the revitalisation of the CBD.




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