Easter Time is Family Time

My earliest memories of Easter in Darwin are that Good Friday was one of the only days in the year that my whole family had the day off. We were a family who owned a pub and that meant days off were few and far between. Interestingly the workers at the pub were also part of the family, so often we would all be together for Good Friday.

One memorable Good Friday, Uncle Richard arranged for one of the local ferries to take us to Mica Beach for a picnic. I was just a kid but I’m pretty sure there was lots of partying going on. These were different days and everyone was fearless, invincible and yes, lucky because I’m not sure how we all made it safely home that day, but we did with just a gentle tap into Stokes Hill Wharf.

Easter time in Darwin is often a precursor to the start of the Dry but the humidity often had us looking for somewhere to get wet safely. The stingers were still in the bay so we would venture further afield. A particular favourite was the Elizabeth River where it flowed across the road. We would pile in the car and make the day trip down for a picnic and a swim, to a place where Crocwise signs are now up!

This Easter I’m staying close to home. I will be hosting the annual Lord Mayor’s Easter Egg Hunt through the city. This will be the third event I have personally supported and it is wonderful to see the City fill up with excited children moving between the various stations, stopping at the petting zoo, getting a free sausage and letting loose in the jumping castle.
I hope to see you all there.

If you are going out on the water this weekend, be Crocwise and water safe.

Wishing you a very safe and Happy Easter.



One thought on “Easter Time is Family Time

  1. Ahh yes mums curried egg sandwiches on white bread and Aunty Greta’s fantastic coconut slice, Dad and Uncle Eddy floating with a kid each on their tummys.


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