A Harmonious Community

Next week we will be celebrating Harmony Day, 21 March, a day when Australia celebrates its cultural diversity. It is fitting that we have a significant celebration here in the Capital City of Darwin that is a beacon of a harmonious multi-cultural community.


Our celebrations include a Citizenship Ceremony for a record breaking 300 new citizens from 45 different countries. My hand is aching from signing all those certificates. What a fantastic way to celebrate our diversity by welcoming so many more people into our wonderful cultural mix.

The Civic Centre will be awash with a wonderful orange hue, the signature colour for the celebration. Orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations.

We also have a fun day at Malak for the under 5s and the Sister Cities program will also be holding a special celebration.

Click here to download the poster of activities.

Interesting facts

  • Approximately 45 per cent of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was
  • We identify with about 300 ancestries
  • Since 1945, more than 7.5 million people have migrated to Australia
  • 85 per cent of Australians agree multiculturalism has been good for Australia
  • Apart from English, the most common languages spoken in Australia are Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Vietnamese, Tagalog/Filipino, Spanish and Hindi
  • More than 60 Indigenous languages are spoken in Australia.

Source ABS 2011 Census Data. Check out the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

Why is it important to celebrate this day?

Our recognition and celebration of our rich cultural diversity helps remind us that there is so much value in that diversity. We are still relatively small in population and so it is much easier to get to know the various people that make up our community. Each connection is significant in building a connected community.

Connected communities are much more resilient, respectful and resourceful.

Harmony Day is a day for all Australians to celebrate. Join in the celebrations even if it’s only by saying G’day to your neighbour from another country, do it. You will never know how rich your life can become by embracing our diversity unless you give it a go.



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